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Prague Caste - Prazsky Hrad
Symbol of the city and a must-see for every tourist, the Castle (Prazsky Hrad) rises on top of a hill on the left bank of the Moldavia River . The majestic fort -remodelled by Maria Theresa of Austria at the end of the 1700s, is practically a city within a city. Sub divided in three courtyards, the Castle is formed by numerous buildings, among which stand out the Royal Palace , residence of the royalty of the city, and the majestic Saint Vito's Cathedral that houses the rests of the governors of the city. At the Royal Residence, currently the home of the President of the Republic, it is worth visiting the huge Vladisao Room that was a hall where the cavalry's trophies were exhibited. Inside the gothic Cathedral from the fourteenth century you should see the chorus stage and the chapel of Saint Venceslao. The suggestive promenade of the Golden Alley -a gracious sequence of little houses that leads to the castle, has always been the favourite meeting point for artists, and once upon a time, of alchemists. The numerous museums of Prague are the most prestigious of the country and feature a rich national and international artistic patrimony.
Castello di Praga
Charles Bridge - Karluv Most
Ponte Carlo PragaAnother symbol of Prague is the Charles Bridge, built by Emperor Charles in the XIV century. There are about thirty statues along the 516 meter long bridge. At both ends there are two beautiful towers. A place for artists and merchants, the Charles Bridge is always crowded with tourists. At the historic quarter of Mala Strana, which looks baroque, but which is a lot older than how it looks, you should dedicate some time to the Saint Nicholas Church (Chram sv Mikulase).
Prague Museums
The numerous museums of Prague are the most prestigious of the country and feature a rich national and international artistic patrimony. Here we highlight a few:

National Museum
It is the largest of the country and it is located at the Venceslao Square . Inside, there are collections of mineralogy, zoology and palaeontology. The museum is located at the Lobkovic building.

National Gallery
Located in the exhibition chambers of the Sternberg and Veletrzni Buildings and in the convent of Saint Georges and Saint Agnes of Bohemia , this collection features precious national and European works of art.

Museum of Decorative Art
Thousands of objects -furniture, tapestry, crystal ware, porcelain and more- make up the collection of this museum that exhibits five centuries of Czech and Central European.

Prague's art Gallery
This important complex features a permanent collection of Czech Art from the 1800's.

City's Museum
This museum features works of art in wood and paper of the 1800s that portray a beautiful baroque Prague.

Puppets Museum
From the oldest to the most advanced puppets, this museum features pieces from the entire world.
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