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Orologio PragaA town with a glorious past and a promising future! This is Prague, a city that was born with a vocation of being a capital -whether it be politically or culturally, and that has remained that way throughout the centuries. First as the main centre of the Bohemian Kingdom , then as the capital of the Sacred Roman Empire, and currently as capital of the Czech Republic , Prague led the country with authority during the period of unity as well as after the division with Slovakia . Prague 's strategic position has placed the city since its origins as a centre of trade, not only of tangible goods, but also of ideas. This characteristic has enriched the city and has created a special culture which is the product of an unusual mix of religious, philosophical and artistic groups. Though Prague is now a culturally unified city it also has different, yet well-defined faces. These faces can be individually appreciated by visiting the different quarters at the Moldavian river bank (Hradcany, Mala Strana, Stare Mesto, Nove Mesto). The clear differences between them no longer surprises its visitors after knowing that up until the end of the seventeenth century, they were all independent cities. Prague is the birthplace of many artists. The city also provided the inspiration for famous works of art such as Mozart's Don Giovanni Goethe's Doctor Faust, and the stories of Franz Kafka. In recent times, Prague has been the birthplace of the "Human Socialism," right before the time when the city and the entire region was controlled by the Soviet Union, and later on of the "Velvet Revolution" that took the country away from communism and opened it once again to liberty.
Prague History
The first documents that acknowledge the existence of Prague date back to the IX century. They describe the Czech capital as a small village to the left of the Moldavia , on the hills where the Castle is currently located. Founded by the Premyslidi Dynasty, the city grows and expands becoming the residence of the Royal Family of Bohemia in the XII century. With the crowning of Charles IV as the head of the Sacred Roman Empire, Prague , at the time capital of this empire, reaches its cultural peak. The prestigious University of Prague and the " New City " are some of the contributions of Charles IV to the city. In 1526, Prague , along with the entire region of Bohemia , was conquered by the House of Hapsburg, and it remained under their domain until 1918. After a relatively quiet period, the city goes through a turbulent time due to the events of the War of Thirty years. This episode triggers the so called "defenestration of Prague " in 1618. The country is liberated from the imperial domination in 1918 when the Czechoslovakian Republic is born of which Prague became the capital. The Russian invasion of Prague that stops the newly born "Human Socialism" during the so called " Prague 's Spring," comes to an end in 1989 with the first election of a non-communist President: Vaclav Havel. 4 years later, the two regions of the former Czechoslovakia split peacefully and the two independent states: The Czech Republic (Capital: Prague ) and Slovakia (Capital: Bratislava ) are born.
Prague: general information

Population: aprox. 1.200.000 people

Area: 496 km2

Country: The Czech Republic. Born in 1993 with Slovakia , of which Prague is the Capital

Language : The Czech

Currency: The Czech Crown.

Time : Winter: GMT + 1 hour. Summer: GMT + 2 hours

Religion : The Roman Catholicism is the most diffused Religion.

Travel Documentation: For members of the European Union: A passport valid for at least six months after the day of entry must be presented at customs.

Main European Distances
Prague - Rome : 1.290 km
Prague - Paris : 1.095 km
Prague - Berlin : 340 km
Prague - Warsaw : 625 km
Prague - Vienna : 290 km
Prague - Amsterdam : 960 km
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